Selo Footprints is an avid supporter of the Australian Awards. We have seen firsthand the power that Australian education brings to local communities in Indonesia and the positive leverage that it creates.
The Australia Awards in Indonesia aims to support Indonesia’s development through the positive contributions of Australian qualified professionals and by strengthening the relationship between Indonesia and Australia.
Since 1953, more than 9,000 Indonesians have received short-term and long-term scholarships to study at Australian tertiary institutions. Many of these scholars have later taken up leadership positions and have made a significant difference to Indonesian society. Learn more about their success stories here.
The Australia Awards in Indonesia program continues this tradition of scholarship that the Australian Government has offered for more than 60 years.
Australia Awards in Indonesia offers two types of scholarships: postgraduate courses (Long Term Awards) and intensive tailored short courses (Short Term Awards). The best candidates are awarded scholarships following a competitive selection process.
Australia Awards in Indonesia prioritises scholars seeking to undertake studies in support of the COVID-19 Development Response Plan priority areas, namely Health Security, Stability, and Economic Recovery. A full list of priority fields is provided here.
In 2019, Australia Awards in Indonesia offered 250 postgraduate scholarships, with 205 scholars undertaking Masters programs and 45 embarking on Ph.D. studies. The scholars comprised 135 women and 115 men, and 18 of the recipients identified as people with a disability. In 2019, 68 recipients came from the priority provinces.
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