Awani Bali

Awani makes international award winning tropical fruit preserves on the island of Bali in Indonesia. We are known for the real, pure flavours of tropical fruit in our jams, marmalades and honey.

We source the best tropical fruit from trusted farmers across Indonesia and we make all our preserves by hand at our kitchen in Luwus in the volcanic highlands of Bali. The provenance of our fruit is at the core of our products. We practice sustainability as a way of life.

Our tropical jams, marmalades and honeys have been served at the breakfast tables of Bali’s finest hotels since 2008. Our food gifts, packaged with the exquisite local batiks and baskets reflect the elegant traditions of Balinese culture and craftsmanship.

The Best Tropical Fruit, A Renewable Resource

We make our preserves with the freshest, ripest tropical fruit grown in the fertile, volcanic soil of the Indonesian archipelago. Our jam-making method is traditional and artisan: we make small batches of preserves using open pan cooking. All our fruit preparation, cooking, and bottling is done by hand at our kitchen in Luwus in the highlands of Bali.

Our fruit comes from farms, orchards and family smallholdings across Bali and other Indonesian islands. We work with local communities to preserve traditional methods of sustainable farming that enables them to grow superior produce with a high value for which we pay a premium price.

Celebrating Bali’s Artistry in our Sustainable Gift Packaging

Awani’s packaging of our food gifts is handcrafted and celebrates the artistry of Balinese craftsmanship and a strong sense of beauty in nature. The aesthetics of everyday Balinese life and of temple ceremonies are a feast for the eyes: beautiful batik fabrics, intricately woven baskets, the clever interweaving of coconut leaves to make symbolic figurines in spiritual life.

We design and make all the gift materials ourselves and with our talented communities of craftspeople

Supporting our Communities in Bali

We seek to do everything in our business respectfully and responsibly. An important feature of this is to blend the best of traditional practices in Balinese life and culture, with the needs and demands of operating a sustainable and profitable business.

Our approach to working with our staff, our wider network of farmers and suppliers, and our local communities, is guided by finding the best way forward where there is growth and benefit for everyone.

Awani tropical fruit preserves are consumed at the breakfast tables of many of Bali’s top international hotels. These foodservice products are packaged in glass jars which, after consumption, are collected and inspected to make sure they are in perfect condition before being re-used. The hotels receive payment for these collected jars. We compost all fruit peel and shavings in our production process in our kitchen.

We practice conservation and sustainability as part of the way that we do business.



the finest handmade jams & preserves from Indonesia's best ingredients
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