In August 2018, strong earthquakes hit Lombok Island. Many people were killed, thousands of them injured, more than half a million people lost their households, workplaces, and shelters. During these difficult times, people around the world sent help for the earthquakes’ victims. People started to reorganize their life, focusing on what’s most important – trying to get back to the ‘normal’ life. And that’s when the Coconesia story started.  With everything around us tearn down, only coconuts were standing high and proudly and inspired to start from them.

Marta and Danica, co-founders of COCONESIA.ID, started to look for artisans and local communities that work with coconuts and have knowledge gained from generation to generation in handmade production.  They wanted to turn natural resources that coconut trees and its fruit give, into new,  biodegradable and sustainable ECO quality products. They focused on designing new, modern products and teaching communities to be more sustainable in their production with great care for our planet. But mostly they wanted to be ethical with the project and give people of Lombok the opportunity to develop new jobs from resources that are around them and not depending on tourism segment that in past years for Lombok has been very unstable.

Their project combines the passion for creation and the desire to change and help others.

Coconesia core is based on 4C’s, that represent:

– COCONUTS – our core natural resource.

– COMMUNITY – our cooperation with local communities (women & men around Lombok) and evolving their skills and talents, into processing coconuts toward ECO products. Paying ethically, giving jobs and improving their lifestyle.

– CONSCIOUS – our vision of giving you products that are conscious toward our planet, making it through sustainable processes with a strong vision of using biodegradable materials, eco-friendly processes and hand skills of our artisans.

– CARE – our mission to care about the people and nature of Lombok. Working hand in hand without changing their tradition or beliefs, but developing safe and earth friendly operations to improve their lifestyle and educate them about earth friendly lifestyle.


the finest handcrafted coconut goodies from North West Lombok
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