Working closely with the talented women of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Du Anyam creates wicker products through the most authentic craftsmanship. With the goal of economically empowering and improving the health of these women in rural areas around Indonesia, Du Anyam is a brand built upon the values of its founders.

The three pillars of Du Anyam are: Empower Women, Promote Culture, and Improve Livelihood.

The Approach

Du Anyam aims to promote the unique wicker-crafting culture of these artistically gifted women to people around Indonesia and other parts of the world. Du Anyam wants to be a part of empowering these women by helping them gain control over their family’s income, resulting in a positive change to escape poverty.

Research has shown that when women are given more financial autonomy, they are more likely to focus spending on nutritious food, health care, and education.

Through these changes, we believe that the health and welfare of these women and their families will significantly improve.

How does Du Anyam Makes A Positive Impact?

The statistics are staggeringly upsetting, with 1 in every 3 Indonesian children suffering from malnutrition, 260 babies dying before reaching the age of 1 month old each day, and 42 women dying from childbirth everyday.

These numbers were obtained a few years ago, and were the reasons why Du Anyam was immediately established. Through everyone’s hard work, Du Anyam has managed to increase the women’s income by 40%, and improve their welfare. Scholarships for +205 students were also handed out by Du Anyam to the children and grandchildren of accomplished wicker-crafting women.

Du Anyam is grateful for the trust given to them by these talented women and aim to do their best in distributing and promoting their weaving-craft creations to the local and international market.

Their hope is to help provide a fair income for every one of these artisans.

The handmade wicker crafts are produced in Flores and include traditional baskets made from palm leaves (the best-selling being Sobe). The Flores products won Good Design Awards 2020, Bangga Buatan Indonesia Awards 2020, and were selected as official merchandise for the 2018 Asian Games – the event’s only Indonesian wicker craft product.

Other areas Du Anyam is beginning to work with include unique products made from Waru tree skins from Papua (Noken basket) and Purun grass from South Kalimantan.



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