There are a variety of ways to engage to support the cause. Below are some ways you can use your gifts and talents to help make a difference.

We have been with closely with the communities in Lombok for more than 10 years and work hard to support the community every chance we get. If you have a passion for supporting in their daily lives, building meaningful relationships and creating inspirational opportunities for others. Start your volunteering journey today and make a difference.


Selo Footprints works with non-profit organisations to provide support, funding and training and create a brighter community.


Be the face of Selo Footprints and a tastemaker within the Selo Footprints community. Use our voice and your stories to further amplify why we do what we do and the importance of it. Help raise awareness about our online e-shop, products and services engaging with audiences across multiple platforms. Deliver the key message and educate on how we can make the world a better place by helping those less fortunate than you, promoting their sustainable and ethically produced products globally, thus creating self-sustaining jobs.