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In the modern world, sustainability has shifted from a buzz word to a necessity. We have more information available to us than ever before and we are proud to engage with companies who conduct sustainable and ethical business.

At Selo Group we are proud to incorporate our Community Footprints social and environmental responsibility philosophy into the way we do business. Our commitment towards a more sustainable future is highlighted through our culture, and support for our community.

Every Selo-led initiative is an opportunity to provide a positive impact on our local community, and it is through this ongoing support that we genuinely hope to make a meaningful difference.


The connection between people is at the core of our philosophy and our commitment to the local community.
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    SBCA is a member-supported organization focused on environmental sustainability, waste management and community development in Selong Belanak, Lombok, Indonesia.

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    We would like to help by passing on your used clothing and donations of school stationery, backpacks and books to the children of Jabon, our local village.

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    As part of our sustainability program, we run a weekly initiative each Saturday morning where locals, and local businesses, join in the clean-up of rubbish on Selong Belanak beach.


Our vision for Selo Group is not only a community feel for
investors but also for the locals and future sustainability.
We’ve been respectful of the local communities’ needs and
have empowered the locals by employing many in key roles.

Building fully integrated luxury residential and resort
communities, through transparency, integrity and methodical

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