Selo Footprints is an online store and donation site focused on helping Indonesian families recover and rebuild their lives in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic which has devastated the tourism industry and deeply destabilized families in Bali and beyond. Make a donation directly on the website or shop in the store. 100% of profits from the items support approved charities in Indonesia. Check out the highly informative and well-produced video below, featuring a number of Instagram personalities who have chosen to get involved in the program.
What if the simple purchase of a tote, t-shirt, pouch or apron could help an impoverished artisan or craftsman? The need for jobs that support freedom for women has never been greater. The Selo Footprints brand empowers women in Indonesia’s most impoverished locations, through self-sustaining jobs that change lives. Every purchase you make of the quality handcrafted apparel and accessories on the site, supports a day of freedom from poverty for the crafter. Our vision is to bring the talented craftsman and artisans of Indonesia to the world using technology.