At Selo, we’re passionate about sustainability, and we demonstrate a commitment to sustainability principles in both our internal operations and in our engagement with local communities and the natural environment. Our commitment is reflected in every decision we make, and is as important to us as maintaining a high-quality estate with world-class facilities and service levels.
We understand that the road to sustainability is an ongoing one, and we are continually learning and adapting our business practices. We hope we can illustrate techniques that can be adopted by peer developments in the region to demonstrate that sustainability programs not only make good social and environmental sense, but that they also make good financial sense.
Our resort has a zero-waste protocol, built along the three pillars of reuse, reduce and recycle. The estate does not use plastic bottles and instead sterilises and reuses glass bottles in the villas. The management is constantly reviewing business practices to reduce avoidable waste production. Waste is sorted and processed in the resort waste management facility and used to create green fuel, fertilizer for the organic farm within the estate, and production of repurposed material used in construction, amongst other things.
There’s a world of ethically sourced, organic and sustainable items available at Selo Footprints. We’ve carefully chosen great gifts and homewares that are made with care, protect the planet and help the women and men who produce them to earn a decent living and sustainable living. We use technology to get their products to the world which is helping them greatly in this COVID world.
We believe in paying people a fair wage and a decent price for their goods, and giving workers a say in the future of their company. We use natural resources responsibly, making sure everyone on this planet has enough to live on. We nurture the skills of passionate and creative people to sell hand-crafted designs from Indonesia and around the world.



A vibrant workplace culture is critical to the success of our development. We extend this understanding to our employees, contractors, and suppliers and commit to positive internal social outcomes.


Our Operations positively contribute to building the resilience of our local communities.


The sustainable operations of our business over its lifetime considerably exceed the initial environmental impacts of construction.


We open the road to discovery and take our community on a cultural journey evoking an authentic and emotional experience. Our social programming consists of off-the-beaten path local experiences to thrill-seeking moments for the adventurous. One of the core principles of the Selo brand is regeneration. To us, regeneration means constantly striving to adopt more green practices that not only minimize our impact on the environment, but rejuvenate it, while driving positive change and involvement with the local community towards the goal of bettering the landscape, its people, and the ecosystem.