In most of the villages around the South of Lombok, families live in small huts and sleep on the floor on reed mats. Access to education is limited and many young children walk up to 15km’s each way from neighbouring villages for the simple privilege of attending school. It can become cold at night and often children are sick due to exposure and poor sanitary conditions.
We would like to help by passing on your used clothing and donations of school stationery, backpacks and books to the children of Jabon, our local village. Helping these children by providing educational supplies and clothing is a small step towards helping to foster a more positive future for them.
We are happy to receive and distribute non-monetary donations of many types – specifically school stationery and books as well as clothing/shoes that are new or second-hand. We accept a wide range of goods as long as they are practical and we can use them to help others. Just ask us if you are unsure.