Hidden East of Lombok there are farmers that are growing pineapples. They were growing it just for fruit and no other usage. So, they started to explore how they could fully use this plant and Pinalo was born.

Pinalo means Pineapple of Lombok and is a brand that gives local pineapple farmers an opportunity for a new economy by harvesting pineapple leafs, scraping them and taking fibers out. Fibers are then processed through washing ,drying and spinning into yearns and are ready to be weaved into fabric. Luckily again, we are in Lombok, which holds a long tradition of hand-weaving.To empower women they searched for communities of ladies that could weave with pina fibre. And this is where the story became a fairy tale. Talented ladies would sit for hours and hours and hand-weave our pina fibre into a long fabric that with its shape and colours just made them realize that this is  a project that connects more than 50 people into making a story that could travel worldwide.

With their fabric and products, they started a story that reinvents the economy of Lombok and brings organic, natural, vegan, and sustainable fabric.

Working closely with 10 communities and making sure they found a new way for income by being part of producing something natural and handmade. With high ethical values and a huge love for the environment  founder, Aisyah Odist has proved that whatever project she starts, she always includes the people of Lombok.Aisyah is a woman of a million talents, born and raised in Lombok with a strong mission to help planet Earth and this island toward more greener and eco-friendlier future. Aisyah has been awarded for her projects many times.

Her project Lombok ECO craft and Bank Sampah NTB Mandiri make products from recycled plastic, she is a project leader of bee farming in Lombok, she already built 3 ECO schools and is replanting mangroves at least 2-3 times a year around Lombok. But she is determined that project PINALO is where her heart stands as it involves many people and gives them better opportunities for the future and gives her unlimited space for creating something Earth friendly.

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