Vividerm started when Iwin Insani learned about coral bleaching caused by sunscreen products in 2018. She read a report that stated in the past 30 years we have lost 50% of the world’s ocean coral and toxic chemicals from many sunscreens is a contributing factor to the demise of our oceans coral ecosystem. Being very close to the ocean by heart, Iwin knew she wanted to make a difference.

With research, she discovered a formula of natural sunscreen products that do not contain any harmful chemicals.She started selling her products to dive shops in several places in Lombok and Gili in late 2018. Her passion for healthy skin and making the world a better place were warmly welcomed as people love her products.

With an expanded team and larger workspace, Vividerm has partnered with several local communities as suppliers for its natural ingredients. Some of the partners are Coconut oil artisan in North Lombok, honey bee farmers in Sumbawa and Dayak Siberuang tribe, an indigenous community in West Borneo, for their ethical illipe butter. Vividerm’s goal is to create products that are good for skins, the environment, and the local economy. And, Vividerm is keen to create partnerships with more local actors to bring its solutions and innovations to the global market. 

Today, Vividerm has continuously been working to create more eco-friendly products for better skin. Some of the products that have been launched are aftersun lotion, natural soap bars, and pure and clean body lotion.


the finest handmade body and beauty products
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