Yanami Juan

Ni Wayan Supadmi (Yanami Juan) born in Sukawati, October 15, 1977, has an educational background as a midwife and works as a civil servant in the health sector. She is a watercolour painter by taking the same object from time to time, namely “the world of flowers”. The flowers at Ni Wayan Supadmi are displayed intact as flowers, without excessive decorations or other arrangements, by taking realistic decorative patterns.

Because of her hobby of painting, she managed to create works that attract the attention of many people, these paintings were initially enjoyed only as paintings, then began to be applied to various merchandise products and exhibited through several places that are directly visited by foreign or domestic tourists such as airports and hotels in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara – here is where Yanamijuan Home and Gallery started.

Seeing the great enthusiasm when Yanamijuan’s works were exhibited here – the items became more functional not only as decorations, Yanamijuan Home and Gallery was formed as a place to be able to produce more of the best works of the artist Yanami Juan.

Yanami Juan is a local brand in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, where works produced from a painting are applied to various collections such as tote bags, sling bags, handbags, pouches, drink ware, notebooks, scarves, masks and phone cases, all the designs offered are inspired by the paintings of Ni Wayan Supadmi, who is known as Yanami Juan. Our goods use premium materials, and are printed using special printing techniques so as to guarantee the quality of the goods they offer their customers.


hand-painted scarves, bags, tumblers and more...
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